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Like the arts, Internet marketing is a passion, the ultimate goal being to make me live by my computer. I want to say that the history of hundreds of thousands of people who live richly without investing too much and working only a few hours a week on the computer is an urban legend.

To succeed in Internet marketing, you must: buy and read ebooks, be disciplined and persistent, make plans and strategies, minimally invest between $ 500 and $ 2,000 to start and, of course, spend many hours of work. Around 5% of people who engage successfully. When you start, you can expect to come across a few scams. Be vigilant.

I share with you some opportunities that I have selected :

The company G.D.I. provides a domain name, website, hosting and the ability to earn income for life. See the video online.

 I recently discovered a matrix of 15 levels that can help you earn money easily for a participation fee of only U.S. $ 3. I will not promise that you will become a millionaire but it will certainly pay better than a ticket lottery. After registering, you will receive an affiliate link that will send to your contacts. Click on this link. 

3) Discover the Forex, this global market, which is mainly interbank market is the second of the financial world in terms of overall volume, behind the interest rate. It is still the most concentrated and the first for the liquidity of the most treaties, as the euro / dollar. Learn to take advantage of currency trading with the site etoro.com. You can even practice with virtual money. The MetaTrader software is more user friendly.

I make websites, I give workshops and private lessons to teach you how to use your computer and benefit from, contact me: martinb1962@yahoo.ca

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8) Everybody talk’s about making money with affiliate programs, but what can you learn from Matt Benwell, a surfer who made $5,000.17 in just a week. You can learn more about his Quick Fire Profits system and copy every move he made ! Click here .

9) Discover the product Max GXL ... It is a powerful anti oxidant and a powerful MLM.
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Good luck !